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About Us

Some say jewelry is a form of expression or a statement. Like This Only is about jewelry being a sentence, including but not limited to the following: Exclamatory- Oooh!
Declarative- That is beautiful.
Interrogative – Where did you get that?
and Imperative- Mine.

What makes us different? There are two factors that set us apart.
Each and every piece is handmade and/or handcrafted by us.
You can see for yourself here. Each piece has been made with a lot of love and was made to complement you.
We are as different and unique as you are.
Each piece of jewelry has its own quirks and signature.
With stones and beads and wiring techniques, you will find something for every occasion. In all your varying moods, moments, experiences.
Make Like This Only the accessory to your style.
You and we are like this only.
Part destiny, Part design.